Mass Action Scheduler

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Declaratively schedule Process Builder, Flows, Quick Actions, Email Alerts, Workflow Rules, and Apex to process records from Reports and List Views.

Inspired by Marie Chandra’s idea Ability to Schedule when Process Builder Triggers.

Inspired by Narender Singh’s idea Ability to schedule flows, workflows and processes in process builder.

No more waiting for records to be updated or creating clever workarounds to cause records to be updated to cause these actions to fire.

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Data Sources

Identify the records you want to process with list views or tabular reports.

Data Sources When to Use
List Views Simple filters. For up to 50 million records.
Reports Complex filters like Cross Filters. For up to ~10 thousand records.


Almost any process automation you configure can be scheduled.

Actions Supported Types
Process Builder Processes that start when invoked by another process
Flows Auto-launched flows (no screens). Any that can be called from Process Builder
Quick Actions Create a Record, Update a Record, and Log a Call types
Email Alerts All
Workflow Rules Active rules
Apex Classes annotated with @InvocableMethod


Flexible options for scheduling when a configuration runs.

Scheduling Options When to Use
Manual Run on-demand from UI via button
Automated Run a configuration from Process Builder, Flow, or Apex
Simple Schedule Easily pick the hours, days, and months to run repeatedly
Advanced Schedule Custom scheduling needs that require a cron expression

What you can do with Mass Action Scheduler

I’m sure you will think of all kinds of ideas how you can use this app. Here are a few ideas:

For walkthroughs please check out the examples in the wiki.


There are a few items you need to setup before installing and using this app.

  1. You will need to use Lightning Experience because we are using Lightning Components.
  2. You will need to enable My Domain because we are using Lightning Components.
  3. You will need to configure a Named Credential because the app processes records in background jobs and will need to securely invoke the Salesforce REST API via OAuth when you are not around.

Please see the instructions in the wiki for screen shots and step-by-steps.

Packaged Release History


Mass Action Scheduler is an open source project. It’s an independent project with its ongoing development happening in the evenings and weekends. Maintaining and developing new features takes a considerable amount of time. If your business has found value in my projects, please consider showing your support by contributing to my virtual tip jar on PayPal. Thank you! ❤️

Release 1.6 (current)

Due to Lightning Experience web page caching, please log out and log back in after installing the package for UI changes to appear.

Installing the Source Code (Developers)

This repository is organized using Salesforce DX. You may install the unmanaged code from GitHub and make any desired adjustments. You are responsible for ensuring unit tests meet your org’s validation rules and other requirements. You can conveniently deploy the source to a new scratch org using Wade Wegner’s deploy tool:

Deploy from GitHub


Doug Ayers develops and maintains the project.

Appiphony for developing the Strike Wizard component.

Salesforce Foundation for developing tools for querying Salesforce Reports API.

Shinichi Tomita for developing jsforce library for easy use of Salesforce APIs.

jQuery for developing jQuery library.


The source code is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause License